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Caffè Aiello astuccio aperto cialda rosso


A blend with a full, creamy taste, the Classica blend of coffee in pods combines a bold personality with the full-bodied characteristics of the Robust varieties for a coffee with a pure and sweet aroma.

This way you can drink a coffee that is just as good as the one you get at the bar – anywhere you want!


profilo organolettico caffè lga classica

arabica aiello italian coffee pods

100% Arabica

The Arabica 100% coffee pods have an unmistakeable mild, refined after-taste for a harmonious blend dedicated to coffee lovers everywhere.

The fine taste and delicate scent of the 100% Arabica pods delight the palate of all who taste them, bringing you the quality of bar-served coffee anywhere you choose.


profilo organolettico caffè lga arabica

aiello decaffeinated ese coffee pods 20


A unique, delicate blend, Dec is the decaffeinated coffee that always succeeds in maintaining the taste and aroma of an excellent coffee intact thanks to the natural decaffeination process.

No caffeine, but big on taste anyway! Don’t do without the pleasure of a good espresso with our decaffeinated coffee pods!


profilo organolettico caffè dec